Submission for the Universal Periodic Review of Brunei: Gender Discrimination in the Nationality Law

  • Published:
  • Modified: Thursday, 04 April 2019

The Statelessness Network Asia Pacific, The Brunei Project, the Global Campaign for Equal Nationality Rights, and the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion made this joint submission to the Human Rights Council at the 33rd Session of the Universal Periodic Review (April-May 2019) on the challenges pertaining to citizenship, gender discrimination, statelessness and the enjoyment of fundamental human rights in Brunei Darussalam.

We urge reviewing States to make the following recommendations to Brunei Darussalam to reform the Brunei Nationality Act 1961 to remove provisions that discriminate on the basis of gender and race, and in particular, to allow women to enjoy equal rights as men in conferring citizenship to their children and spouses.