UNHCR and CRTD. A Regional Dialogue on Gender Equality, Nationality and Statelessness : Overview and Key Findings

January 2012

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  • Modified: Wednesday, 05 July 2017
UNHCR and the Collective for Research and Training on Development – Action (CRTD-A), a women’s rights NGO in Lebanon, co-convened a Regional Dialogue on Gender Equality and Statelessness in Beirut from 17-19 October 2011. The objectives of this meeting were to hear testimonies of how families from countries in the MENA region have been affected by gender-discriminatory laws that deny mothers the right to pass their nationality on to their children, in some instances resulting in statelessness; analyze these experiences from the complementary perspectives of gender equality and prevention of statelessness; and share regional good practices and forward-looking strategies for achieving reform to gender discriminatory nationality laws in countries throughout the region.